The Experienced Orthodontist

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Not only is he well educated, Tyler loves to give back. His big heart enables him to provide for the Smile Back foundation, a cause dedicated to offering underprivileged students in the East Valley area free dental scholarships, helping people obtain the education they deserve. He served our country in the U.S Army Reserve, he also served under the Operation Enduring Freedom back in 2008. Tyler is not always glued to his practice, he enjoys to snowboard and spend time with his family of three sons and one daughter and loves to eat tacos! The experienced orthodontist uses amazing technology and does not keep all the knowledge to himself, he makes sure the patient is just as educated about the procedure as well as the aftercare. His practice even offers complimentary consultations to put patients at ease and plan the cost of the services.

From a first-hand basis, the biggest concern about dental care services would be the cost. Unlike medical bills, where you can go to the hospital even without insurance without a care in the world; dental care is typically paid upfront and it is incredibly expensive especially if you are looking into the cosmetic services of braces which most insurances will not cover. Rest assured, unlike most services for Invisalign in Gilbert AZ, and other dentistry services, the Robison orthodontics practice offers several options. Military members get a discount, and you will receive ten percent off of your payment if you pay in full within the first month. No worries, this Gilbert orthodontics clinic does offer to finance including month-to-month with a low down payment including third-party financing. Just like any other financing agreement, one would want to be sure that they do not miss a payment, and additional services such as lost retainers, whitening services, and broken equipment are subject to additional charges. The practice itself is described as a fun beach-theme, including sushies and soft serve ice cream which everyone is so accustomed to receiving after having treatments in their mouth. They even have iPads for the patients and their families to play on while they wait.